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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Painting the Trenchworx WWI Rolls-Royce Armored Car - Chipping

I took a break from this model on Friday but it the workbench hard today. It only required two trips over to the hobby shop (Colpar East/Hobbytown) to pickup the stuff I was missing for the next step.

I spent some time doing the final tightening up the edges of the camouflage. It's finally pretty close to the way I wanted it to be. Close enough to continue on. I then applied a DAK brown filter to bring the camo colors together and while that was drying I did some more work on the wheels. I painted in a black/dark grey background on the four road wheels (I already applied a middlestone background to the spares). I then when in with some metal and did the rims and the spokes. I think they look pretty good. I'll add some highlights after I have the glued them to the body.

After the filter had dried I went in with a sponge and added some chipping. I think it looks pretty good although I had to redo a couple sections where I let the sponge slide a bit. Its starting to look a bit less factory fresh and more like something that's seen some time in the field. I just gave it a layer of semi-gloss which will serve as a better base for the washes and rust streaks that will come next.

Since its drying I though I would post the today's progress to this point.

Finally finished with the camo. I was finding it difficult to handle at this point so I mounted on a Gatorade lid with some poster tac.

The wheels with the "backgrounds" painted in

The wheels with the spokes and rims painted.

With the chipping applied. I tried to show restraint and I think I succeeded. I like the way it came out.

I was doing some more reading and after the war settled into trench warfare most of the ACs were withdrawn and ended up in the Middle East serving with the airfore. Some did remain on the western front though and that's what this one represents.

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