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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Painting the Trenchworx WWI Rolls-Royce Armored Car - Initial Camo

Tonight the Rolls received a quick highlight layer, not sure how visible it is but sometimes its all about the subtle transitions. I followed that up with the darkest color, a rich dark brown, almost black. It gives quite a contrast against the Middlestone. Its been a while since I have worked small areas with the airbrush I'm not very satisfied with the result at this point. I then followed that up with the third and lightest camo color, a softer sandy brown. Really pops the contrast but most of this color sits inside the chocolate brown. I did okay at this point, but things are looking a bit sloppy at this point.

I can go in with the brush and start sharpening up all the lines to give a hard edged look. I did try to mask it but didn't have the right materials to do it with. I'm considering stripping it down at this point and starting over. I'll do a little brush work tomorrow and see how it starts to shape up.

In this shot you can see how the bottom is a bit darker thanks to the darker undercoat

Here I have applied and overall highlight to the top surfaces

The initial work with the dark brown

Adding in the light centers to some of the dark brown. This needs a much sharper edge, its not suppose to a soft edged feathered camo.

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