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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Package from Bad Squiddo Games

I do love to receive packages especially from the UK. This is a new company for me; Bad Squiddo Games. She is known for her custom dice bags but has been expanding her business to include female miniatures. You can acquire just about any appropriately attired female miniature from her stock. That's right no chainmail bikinis can be found here. But if you need a mini with more clothing and less skin then this is the site you need Bad Squiddo Games

Anne has recently created her own line of believable female miniatures and the first four are in production although she has had a hard time keeping them in stock. I haven't had much time lately for to do much but here are some quick shots of what I received. These four minis represent the entire Bad Squiddo Games line right now but I'm sure there will be more coming!

These are resin minis and all are multi part so they will take a little assembly and cleaning before I can get them into the painting queue.

The box, very small!

A little advertisement

Wrapped in pink bubble wrap. I didn't know they made pink bubble wrap.

Didn't even take them out of the packaging so the pictures don't do them justice. This is shieldmaiden Freydis

Shieldmaiden Hervor

Shieldmaiden Borghild

Shieldmaiden Lathgertha
There was candy too, but I ate it before I took the pictures.


  1. Sweet!! Nice to receive toys in the post. Usually the pink bubblewrap is anti static has been about for a while with computer parts. It may of course be for aesthetic reasons these days lol

    1. I figured there was probably a reason for it. I suspect that Anne uses it more for aesthetic purposes. :-)

  2. Late to the party on this one but I too have been interested in this line of figures. I'm not opposed to a Frazettaesque babe now and then, but I did find the lack of believable fantasy females to be troubling. Reminds me I want to order these for the Analogue Hobbies challenge this year.