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Monday, September 21, 2015

Warlord Games - Red Devils, British Paras a closer look

Needless to say I did have to dig through the Warlord Games Army Box set for the British "Red Devils" that I purchased. This is designed as a 1000 point box for Bolt Action although I'll be using them for Chain of Command from Too Fat Lardies. I was able to talk the store into giving me a discount on the box which allowed me to pick up three more packs of miniatures; the extra Vickers MMG team, the piat and light mortar teams and the 3# mortar team.

For some reason I thought the box set of miniatures were plastic but they are actually metal. That was a pleasant surprise as I have decided that I do prefer metal minis. While the plastics are more versatile in assembly and certainly cheaper the way some of the details have to be handled are less than desirable. So bring on the metal!

The box

Minis from the box, plus laser cut bases. They are made from MDF so I probably won't use them.

Also in the box, three more squads and the 6# ATG and crew

One Jeep is in there somewhere

The set should have come with two of these but there was only one in the box. Since the box was plain white and not shrink wrapped I'm not sure if it was stolen out of the box or just mis-packed.

The reinforcements that I added

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