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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Warlord Games - Red Devils Session 1

After the intensive workshop this past weekend I decided I needed something to help relax with. I know I have a number of other projects going right now and I promised myself that I wouldn't start the British Paras but I didn't put the box away fast enough.

I pulled out the files and started cleaning up the mold lines. I think at least half of these minis have the mold line going right down the face. I realize that there isn't much to be done with that but I think there could have been cleaner and better choices made when the mold was created. Overall nice solid figures that should look pretty good once they are painted. My German Fallschirmjagers and US Airborne are both from Artizan Designs and I'll be fleshing those forces out from Artizan when I get back around to them.

After the filing was done I brought out the Badger Stynylrez primer to see how it handles metal. So far no problems with it. I'll see how happy I am with it once I have applied some paint to the minis. I'll need to get a little paint on the BONES minis I primed as well.

The results of an evening of prepping.

The two packs I decided to start with. One 10 man squad of Paras and Vickers MMG and its para crew.

Not to many minis, I should be able to do this

All silver and waiting on primer

Tonight's Primer

Definitely not silver now

Rifles and Sten SMGs

Rifles and Sten SMGs

Rifle and Sten SMG

The section's Bren Gun

The Vickers MMG. The loader actually looks bored.


  1. Nice start! I've caught the Bolt Action bug again myself! So you brush your prime coats on, no spray?

    1. I primed these with the airbrush running at about 20 psi. I used he thinner is straight from the bottle for this. I have messed around with Bolt Action, and its a good game, but right now I find I like Chain of Command from Two Fat Lardies better. It has a better "feel" to it.