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Monday, September 28, 2015

Reaper "BONES" miniatures and Badger Stynylrez Primer

Despite the fact that you don't need to prime BONES miniatures from Reaper, there are many that can't give up the habit. However, finding a primer that actually works on BONES has been difficult. Many of the spray primers react poorly with the plastic BONES is made from. For a pretty comprehensive list of primers that can be used and not be used check out the Reaper Forum.

After a bit of discussion on the Reaper boards I was made aware of a new acrylic primer from Badger; Stynylrex. Its either very popular or not well marketed because this stuff is hard to find. But thank goodness for Caboose Hobbies. They had one three pack of 4oz bottles available for $30 (cheaper than Amazon) which contained one each of white, black and grey. I don't like the coloring in the grey off the bat so I mixed a nice grey using the white and black primers in a small squeeze bottle.

I brushed it on one Bones miniature and shot it through my airbrush onto the other (undiluted at about 20psi). It dried quite quickly (not unusual here) and seems to have a pretty good grip on the BONES plastic. I flexed both minis and couldn't get it to crack or peel off. So if you feel the need to prime your BONES minis I would recommend the Badger Stynylrex Primers,

A large orc that I brushed the primer on

Some hooded villain type that I airbrushed the primer on.

Now I need to sit down and apply some paint and see how it handles my various brands of paint.

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