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Friday, December 11, 2015

UP Engine Facility in Denver CO

Here is something I haven't done much of lately, showing off some trains! When I was at the three day workshop with Banshee, I arrived pretty early on Friday morning because I had driven down from Ft Collins. Since I was early and nearby I decided to get some shots of UP's Engine Facility that I hadn't been able to do before. The area has been cleaned up a lot since the last time I was through here. All the dead engines that were heavily marked with graffiti are gone now and there is maybe half as many engines in the area as I was used to seeing. I was able to walk up over the bridge and see some areas that I haven't seen before. There is a turntable back there! I had no idea! There was some action too, engines being moved back and forth and the turntable in action as well. It was good morning! Then it was off to painting.


  1. This will be closed come February. Thanks for some final pictures Kris!

    1. Wow, no wonder they are moving stuff out of there.