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Sunday, December 6, 2015

What's in this Box?

I was digging around looking for a set of shingles that I know are sitting around here somewhere when I came across a box. An old beat up, ugly box. This looks like something that should be thrown away, but I should check it first.

Well I was a little surprised by the contents as inside is a Citadel Miniatures monstrosity called "The Juggernaut" from the Arcane Monstrosities line #810300 (I'm guessing that's what's on the instruction sheet). I have no idea when I acquired this one. As a nostalgia piece its very cool. I think trying to assemble it is going to be a nightmare.

I ran through the instructions and the components and it looks like something they refer to as stub axles are missing. Looking at the kit as a whole you would probably better off replacing these with brass anyway. Not sure if I want to hang on to it (I'm slowing trying to downsize) or put it up on eBay. The more I look at these pieces the more I think I would replace everyone of them with brass rod. I might even be tempted to replace the gears with brass ones if I could find replacements. Just musing though.

If you know someone that needs one of these send them my way, I'm will to enter into discussions.

The only thing that appears to be missing are the stub axles. Based on the box and the instruction sheet I'm pretty sure this is an original kit as opposed to a recast.


  1. Very cool Kris, although like a lot of those older multipart metal kits, I bet it is a beast to put together. If you wanted to sell it, I suspect that the oldhammer community would be the ones to want it

    1. This one would definitely be a beast. I'm not even sure how some of these parts would actually fit together. It has a lot of character though! I'm sure only the Oldhammer crowd would be interested in this one.

  2. Oh I remember that model. More specifically I remember the landship conversion of it in WD years and years ago

    1. I did some googling and I found that conversion too. Its pretty impressive! It certainly offers a lot in the way of conversion possibilities, especially when you see how scrawny the steam cannon on it actually is.