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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Building Calamity 19 - The "Hardware" Store - Cutting it apart

After a bit of hesitation and measuring and re-measuring everything I took a knife to the walls. I decided to make the entire second floor removable so I had to cut the walls into two pieces. This actually went off without a hitch and I'm happy with that result. I also resolved to get all the plastic components into place and prime them before I started putting things together. It takes a lot of patience on my part to do this because the painting and weathering are the best part! One of the things that should be finished before applying primer are the windows and doors. While for the row houses I decided to go with manufactured doors and windows but for the Hardware store I decided to see if I could make these pieces myself. 

With this thought in mind I didn't bother to adjust the measurements for doors and windows to fit commercial castings. Well, I may have changed my mind. I cut all the door and window openings out and managed to build one window. I'm thinking that it really did prove that while the effect is really nice its just not worth the time. What I'm thinking now is to get some components just for this building and modifying them to fit. That might be worth the time. 

Looks good so far, just need to file down the bottom of the door cut out to match the top of the floor

I should have thrown in the interior wall but I forgot. Top floor is looking good

There is a lot more going on down here on the ground floor.

A small building, to small to be a hero  building but I think its quite playable.

I took the pieces and used the the cutouts to map out the doors and windows, Here I'm working on the upper front window. 
Here I have cut the window frame out, cut it into two pieces and glued it into place. Hard to see here but the two pieces are sitting on top of each other.

 I framed and added some decorative detail.

From the inside. You can see where the roof line is going to be.


  1. Nice work on that scratch window. Doing a whole building of them seems like it would be difficult though.

    1. Yea, I suppose I could always make a jig if I decide to go down that route.

    2. If you do go down the jig route, I for one, would be very interested to see how that works out.