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Saturday, December 19, 2015

28mm WWII Armor Conversion 3 - WWII 15cm sFH 13/1 (Sf.) auf Geschützwagen Lorraine Schlepper(f) (SdKfz 135/1)

Didn't really get any work done on this conversion today but I did receive the rest of the parts that I needed. At this point I really can't say enough about Warlord Games, they have really gone above and beyond helping me out with this conversion.

I made this order on Thanksgiving and the original intent was to throw in the howitzer bits into the order. Well, that didn't work out as planned because of the sheer quantity of orders that they had received. Harry shipped the parts by themselves since there was no way to really locate my order in their warehouse at that point. The regular order arrived yesterday with two more Marder Is in it (an extra in case I really screwed up) as well as the UNIC halftrack used by the 21st Panzer in Normandy. This one is also destined to be a conversion and will be getting the Pak 40 from the first Marder I kit. I'm hoping that will turn out to be an easier conversion than this one!.

I'm still dwelling on rebuilding the fighting compartment right now and I think I'll have to pull out my drafting tools to make it look right.

Two more Marders in case I screw up really badly

The howitzer bits that Harry sent. I really only need the gun barrel and the carriage and maybe the small aiming wheels.

The UNIC halftrack

I don't think there will be as much work on this conversion.

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