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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Knuckleduster for Calamity

I have some of Knuckledusters 28mm digital sculpts in my collection for Calamity from summer of last year. Of course those haven't been painted yet, but that's pretty typical. Last week I decided to try out their new 32mm line. In theory these will be closer in size to Reaper and Black Scorpion. Plus there is certainly nothing wrong with a little variety in size amongst the various citizens of Calamity.

I was really intrigued by the poker player and faro player sets so those are what really drew me in. The final order included the two packs of wounded gunfighters from the 28mm line, nothing special there they are just going to be markers, the Faro Game, the Poker Players, Saloon Gal in Cowboy's Lap, Mounted Cowboys (I'm really quite behind on mounted figures) and the pack of Longhorn Steers.

I'm quite pleased with the quality. The older sculpts in the 28mm line can vary considerably in quality, these new 32mm are very nice. I might start to pick up some more of these. I don't really need more gunfighters though, I need a lot more innocent bystanders!

The Loot

Love the detail on the table. I think I need to talk to Knuckleduster since one of the minis is duplicated. I'm pretty sure that's not how its supposed to be packaged.

The poker players, all different! Again lovely detail on the tables.

A little vignette for the bar

Cowboys! Lots of Cowboys and horses!

I see a tail I need to fix

The longhorns. These are pretty beefy, I think they will work in with my herd of ERTL longhorns quite nicely!

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