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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Brigade Games for Calamity

I think I suffer from sever shiny syndrome. The World War II project is underway so that was a sure way to get me thinking about Calamity again. I was wandering around the Brigade Games site and decided to pick up a few cowboy packs that I was missing from them. Another package on the step and the bin of Calamity figures gets fuller.

Just three packs from Brigade at this point. Nice minis will look really nice when I get around to painting them up.

A very small package from Brigade

A few rifles are going to need some gentle straightening


  1. Nice looking figures. I particularly like the guy reaching into his coat. How do they match up size-wise with other lines?

    1. I need to check. Probably small compared to Reaper and Black Scorpion, but otherwise look like good matches to Knuckleduster at least.