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Friday, April 14, 2017

Packages Arrive - What gets me into trouble

The internet is bad enough for the bright and shiny distractions. Its even worse when a company actually sends me a catalog. I have a weakness for Jeep parts catalogs and small tool catalogs. Micro Mark is my other major temptation and this time I gave in. On the internet I have been going in and out of the Owners section of the packer pro-shop. I finally pulled the trigger on a couple of items there as well. I broke my lanyard that I use at work so I had an excuse to actually make an order from this "secret" side of the web site. You can only see and order these products if you have the registration number off your Green Bay Packer stock certificate. I am a part owner of an NHL franchise!

Here's a quick look at the culprits. I'm having issues with lighting again so the pictures are a little less than perfect.

One of the catalogs that gets me into trouble. At least I managed to avoid buying any of that new paint! At least so far...

The tools from that order.
From left to right - a steel square (its thinner so it will be easier to use on the sizes of plastic and foamboard that I use), a new set of sprue cutters (because I have been complaining about mine), a square corner cutter, (I can fit this in a small drill press or even use a hammer to make the cut, it should make cutting door and window openings a lot easier), an smaller sprue cutter (more at the top, this is for more delicate parts and smaller spaces, on the far right are a couple of decal blotters which are likely to see service as weathering tools if they don't work to well for decals.

Packer Owner paraphernalia; A decal for the back window of my Jeep, an owners hat, a new lanyard and a small pin for my camera bag or hat.


  1. Looking forward to seeing how well that corner punch works (ideally on more Calamity buildings!).

    I stopped reading the Micromark Catalogs a while ago, because my wish lists quickly exceeded my time to actually USE the tools. ;)

    1. I'm looking forward to working with that one too. I have to many projects going but Calamity is still a driving force for some of the stuff I'm doing!