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Saturday, April 29, 2017

World War II Project - Buildings - Sally 4th Arrives

I received a medium sized, heavy package the other day. Just picking it up without looking at the label I know it had to be filled with MDF kits. Sure enough there they were a veritable cornucopia of MDF kits from Sally 4th. This was a big order and Sally 4th came through with flying colors. Its quite possibly the fastest delivery of a package from the UK that I have ever received.

I have seen a lot of MDF kits at this point and I have to say that I am seriously impressed with these kits. I had already received the download links for the various textures that will be applied and after taking a closer look I realized that they have already picked up on the fact that a little 3D work is necessary to really make this work.

There are both MDF, perspex (clear plastic) and thick cardboard parts in the kit. The thick card parts are actually pre-painted so that will save a little time in the long run. I'm looking forward to getting stuck in on one of these kits, I just have to decide which one to start with as I purchased every kit they had available in the Normandy series. I basically recreated one of their reward sets from the Kickstarter last year and ran with it. I replaced the church with a second set of corner shops though. Between the kits I received from Sally 4th, Charlie Foxtrot Models and Sarissa Precision I should be all set on the building front for Normandy.

Here's a sampling of what I purchased:

Three buildings; Detached House, Corner Shops and Left End Terrace.
Internal details; ruined 1st floor (2nd floor for us Yanks, I admit that this confused me for a moment or two) and a pair of internal staircases.

The backside of the Detached House

Detached House components, there was a lot more here than I was expecting.

The main MDF components for the Detached House

The Instruction book, I love a good instruction book we will see how this one measures up.

Components for the Corner Shop

The main MDF components
In the end I purchased 3 Mid Terrace, 2 Left End Terrace, 2 Right End Terrace, 1 Detached House, 2 Corner Shops, 1 Deadman's Corner House and 10 pairs of internal staircases. The four ruined first floors that I received were part of the Salute deal that Sally 4th was running when I made the order. I have a lot of stuff to assemble and paint at this point!

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