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Monday, July 31, 2017

Kickstarter Rewards Received - Tiny Epic Quest - Gamelyn Games

I received another game in the "tiny" series from a Gamelyn Games Kickstarter. These are probably the easiest least worry filled Kickstarters out there. I think I would buy just about anything in the "tiny" series just to support them. I think this one was $24 dollars and maybe $5 for shipping. The quality is phenomenal and the game play is usually pretty good. And talk about packing in the components! When you open up the box and look at everything you almost wonder how you are going to get everything back in. While it might be a while before I can actually play this one I thought folks might like to see what's in the box:

Box Top

Box Bottom

Interior Box Top

Interior Box bottom

All this in a box that measures about 5" (slightly less) by 7"!

Rulebook, always good to have 

Player card

All the player cards

The Map Cards

Tokens for the player cards and racks for the plastic weapons

More tokens for use on the player cards

The all important dice!

Meeples and the various "weapons" they can hold

The Epic Quest deck

How you are traveling

And some more cards, I have no idea what these are for yet.

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