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Monday, July 17, 2017

World War II Project - Jeeps! - British Airborne

With the anticipation of the new Rubicon jeeps arriving this week (perhaps even today), I decided to pull out the resin Warlord Games British Airborne jeep and get it built.

Now this is a fairly old kit but I was immediately disappointed with the quality of the casting. The resin casting was definitely from a mold that was on the tail end of its life. The metal castings were not good either. In fact the metal was brittle that several pieces actually broke at crucial spots. At this point I'm counting on having enough parts left over from the Rubicon kits to finish this one.

I suspect that this one will paint up just fine, but the build was just a little wacky, not difficult, just minor problems that irritate you. It makes me really look forward to getting those Rubicon kits though!

The raw, out of focus, jeep body casting. After the war, in the civilian world, this would become known as a CJ-2

All gussied up with what parts stay together. The driver's side front wheel does not sit well in the socket.

I'll hold off on priming and painting till I get the Rubicon jeeps.

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