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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

World War II Project - Buildings - Railway Station - Part IV

With the Horsa on the bench for painting I have come back to the Sarissa Railway station. As I expected I had to go back a few steps. The contact paper had not adhered very well to the MDF so I pulled out the clamps and the clue and dealt with that.

Then I took a close look at the different areas of the station that would require some additional work to make the brick look right. I started by filling in the odd gap between the main building and the wings. I went ahead an glued the roofs together as well so that I could make sure that everything would fit before I glued in these fillers.

I also discovered that there is an order to how the decorative trim needs to go on. Of course I managed to get it on in the wrong order creating additional work for myself. They had to be trimmed anyway because I had glued in the filler pieces for the brickwork. Not much to look at, there is nothing quite like waiting for glue to dry.

Really you can't have to many clamps!

Perhaps you were thinking I didn't have enough clamps to do the whole thing at once?

Well the width is right, now I just need to check the roof clearance.

This should be close enough to give the paper something to grip on. Using clamps in this spot is going to be tough.

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