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Monday, July 24, 2017

World War II Project - More Jeeps! - Rubicon Kits

The new Rubicon jeep kits arrived exactly as I predicted, last Monday. I just haven't had time to really do much more than open the boxes. I didn't even take pictures of that till yesterday and it was quick. I ordered three kits, one US for more a more or less generic recon jeep and two British for my British Airborne.

The first comment is that the jeep sprues are absolutely identical. Beyond how you assemble them the sprues contain all the parts for all the variants. What is different, and what I didn't take a picture of, are the vehicle crews. The US version comes with a crew of four and the British version comes with a crew of two paras and a crew of two LRDGs. Even the decal sheet is common between the two kits. I was figuring that this would actually be the case and there would be plenty of extra weapons to flesh out the Warlord Games British jeep that I assembled the week before.

The kit looks pretty straight forward and typical of Rubicon comes with an excellent set of instructions. I'm hoping to find time to build at least one jeep this week just to get a feel for it. I need to get some AWI painting done as well! There is always something going on.

The upper body and the canvas top (not pictured) are separate from the sprue and come in their own bags.

A close up of the body underside. A nice bit of detail here that you are not likely to see. Definitely a possibility for some extra detail work though.

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