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Monday, February 11, 2019

Acquisitions: Ticket to Ride New York - Taxi Style

I saw this in Target over the weekend and for $20 I figured it was probably well worth picking up. It is a small game, tiny map and except for the New York theme it plays pretty much exactly like the original Ticket to Ride game. The destinations are New York tourist attractions and the "trains" are taxi cars. The board is very small and the longest route is four "taxis" long. The board doesn't have a scoring edge like the regular Ticket to Ride games, instead it comes with a scoring pad and a pencil. It should be a real fast game and I think its probably an excellent way to introduce people to the Ticket to Ride family, a gaming gateway drug!

Here is what you get:

I only have half the mapboard unfolded here.


  1. Nice. Have you tried playing it solo?

    1. I have not. I'm not sure how well any of the Ticket to Ride games would play solo, they do play well with two though.