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Monday, February 4, 2019

Sledgehammer Project; Preparation Pt XVII - The Renault UE Build Continues

I, basically, finished the build of the Renault UE which consisted of finally getting the tracks completed. Quite frankly it took to long, was incredibly frustrating and despite my best efforts look really bad. I might take a look to see if there are some aftermarket tracks available for it but I really doubt there are. The tracks pretty much preclude including this model on the diorama, they just aren't going to pass muster.

Instead of flexible tracks its made up of 17 different pieces that just don't quite wrap around the drive and idler wheels nicely.

I'm not sure why the pieces on this side went on better than the ones on the other side (shown below)

The back is just a disaster.

This side is better, overall, but still quite ugly


  1. I like it, not a bad job on the tracks from here.

  2. It seems fine to me, but if you do not like how they turned out, this seems like a perfect opportunity to try a mud mixture that just gets slathered on.

    1. They are likely to be mud covered with the diorama concept. For a competition entry they are just not up to snuff. I’m contemplating a half tracked vehicle at this point as an alternative.