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Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Sledgehammer Project; Preparation Pt XX - Acquisitions

Finding a good model for the ammo carrier has been a real chore. I finally resorted to a GW product that I found last week the Taurox. Apparently there is not a lot of love for this kit out there, and with the funky tracks it has I can see why. However, I won't be building it straight from the box (which I didn't get anyway). I'll be converting this to a half track version using a resin detail kit off of eBay. I have seen a few of these finished off and I think it looks fabulous with even a decent paint job on it. My worry at this stage is will it end up being to big and over shadowing the Sledgehammer? Won't know until I build it at this point.

I also picked up some additional plastic for the Sledgehammer build. I think the diamond plate that I purchased may be to big though, I'll take it back and see if I can find a smaller pattern.

The half track conversion that I'm going to use does not use any of the tracks the kit comes with. That's a good thing because those track components are down right ugly. However, that means I will have plenty of track pieces to use as extra armor.

Diamond plate pattern, hexagonal rod, round rod and some rectangular pieces. The hex and round rod are destined to become nut and bolt detail. 


  1. There is certainly not a lot of love for this kit out there!

    However, it might work nicely as an ammo schleper or even as a prime mover. Hope it is not too tall!

    1. That’s the hope. I think it will look much better with the halftrack look too. It has a lot of possibilities for other games and eras I might just be willing to pick up more if the price is right.