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Saturday, May 19, 2012

ReaperCon - Friday - Day Two

Despite the title of day two its actually day three for me. Had a great time yesterday although all the pictures I'm editing are starting to look the same. So today I'll try and post something different. Over the course of a four day convention, even a small one, things start to blur together a bit.
Yet another shot of Kraken's Revenge

 A very intent VCR Challenge competitor
 Painting Competition Medals
 The infamous Sophie Trophies
 The Russian ICBM ductwork
Painting Competition Judges
 Serious Discussion - Michael Proctor
 Intent Contemplation - Ali Scheirman
 A Full Judging team with an alternate judge - Jon Bonnot, Jen Haley, Anne Foerster, Derek Schubert
 Attention Judges
 Heavy Gear running demos
Mario at Frontline Games
 Where old minis go to be melted down
 The Friday Warlord Tourny squeezes into their space


  1. This does look very different to the European conventions. One of the most striking differences is the presence of women and the acknowledgment of their abilities and the obvious acceptance of them. I like the look of those Sophies too.

    Thank you for the pics Kris.

    1. Not all conventions have this many women present but some certainly do. The conventions in Denver have always had a lot of women in attendance enough that many of your out of town exhibitors actually comment on it.