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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Union Pacific Engine Facility Denver CO - Part 2

I was able to get a few more shots of the three engines from a bit different angle than the first ones. Its mostly remembering to sit on the seat opposite where I normally do. Shooting through the glass is killing me, I need to find my polarizing filters to cut down on some of that glare. I'm not good enough with GIMP to figure out if I can just remove it although using the white balance helps a lot. Anyway here they are again, plus a bonus shot of one of the UP's little switchers.
GMTX 2682 - GP38-2
UP 1482 (ex SP) GP40-2
UP 6387 (ex SP) C44CW
Bonus Shot! UP 1321 MP15DC


  1. Those first 2 shots are gorgeous. Now Kris, you only have 12 days left to ReaperCon and you're out taking pictures and posting. Focus, man focus! You've got a Sophie to win!!!

    1. I do, on occasion, regret the time I have to spending commuting everyday. It really sucks up time I would rather spend on other things. Its early Sunday morning and I'm up and painting when I would rather be sleeping!