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Sunday, May 20, 2012

ReaperCon - Saturday - Day Three

Saturday sees the biggest attendance of the weekend. Along with that means that there will be another round of  miniature judging. Just a single team of three to handle that entries that come in from the Saturday only people. Of course there are still plenty of games going on and fortunately Steve has been more than willing to help run Kraken's Revenge since I got pulled into helping do a lot more of the miniature judging this year. Early Saturday evening are the painting awards along with the first five inductees into the Masters Painting Hall of Fame. Five well deserving painters went in this first year; Jen Haley, Derek Schubert, Laszlo J., Anne Foerster and Doug Cohen. The evening ends very late with the Reaper version of Hollywood Squares.

The beginning of the awards ceremony, Ron Hawkins, Ed Pugh and Matt Clarke start things off.
Matt Clark making the first annoucements

At the end of the awards ceremony, Laszlo and Michael preparing to wrestle to break a tie for Best in Show

 Derek Schubert picks up a Gold Sophie
 Michael Procter picks up a Silver Sophie
 Cowboy Shootout guns down some more cowboys
 Saturday gaming
 Kraken's Revenge; some tasty morsels for lunch
 A row of production molds in the Reaper Facility. These rows are about 24 feet long, with six shelves on either side. Each four feet of shelf holds 39 molds (more or less) That's about 234 molds per four foot section for approximately 1404 molds per 24' long shelf. There are 9 of these shelves so that's about 12,636 molds. These are the molds for all the active numbers in the catalog, meaning you can order any number currently in the catalog as well as any number that has been removed from the active catalog except for licensed lines that are no longer in production (Doom, L5R, etc).

 Speed Painting; one mini, two brushes, a dozen paints and 45 minutes

VCR Challenge entries
 Saturday Warlord Tournament

Hollywood Squares


  1. That looks like a lot of fun. Everyone seems happy to be there and having a grand time of it. Will there be a Reaper Website with pictures of the miniatures that were submitted and the ones that won?

    1. Reaper has a terrific website and I would expect the pictures of all the entries to be up on the site relatively quickly with the new software we used to take the competition pictures.