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Friday, May 18, 2012

ReaperCon - Thursday Day One

Day two arrives, everything is ready to go and I'm ready to run games.
The RPG area, gamers are gathering for the first games
 Derek from Denver made it down, despite his car breaking down 50 miles outside of Denton. He is one of my CMPA folks
 Despite it being the morning of the con, my dungeoncrawl area has to come to a stop sometimes so they can ship stuff out.
 Open painting in the middle, freelanced sculptors and painters around the outside.
 The painting competition room waiting for the first entries to arrive
 Dungeoncrawl style games getting started up. In the back is the Dungeon of Dread, followed by the Sunken City game, then the Cowboy game and then Kraken's Revenge, the game I'm running.

 One of my first vict...players of the day. Yes, there is a pirate theme.
 Sonic setting up. They have a grill on the loading dock so the food is fresh
 And Sonic in full swing
 Kraken's Revenge ready to go

 The VCR parts challenge. Someone donates something with cool parts on the inside and, for this year, a box of dinosaurs. Using the parts from the machine (in this case an old printer) build the object of your choice and the winner (most creative) will be announced on Saturday.
 One of the Warlord tournament tables. This one will support three games during the course of play. The section was built by Ed Eckelkamp and you can find the WIP thread at http://www.terragenesis.co.uk look in the WIP forum for ableman33's thread: Mediterranean Island Pirate Mega Map
 Warlord tournament squeezed into the miniature storage area

 Another angle of the Pirate Island
 Learning the new software for the painting competition


  1. I wish I were there instead of here! A lot of neat games going on and the pirate table looks intriguing. I love dinosaurs and I'll be including some dino's in my WIP on Monday. Have fun Kris!

    1. The games are pretty simple. I can teach people how to play the Kraken's Revenge in about 5 minutes. You would have a blast. Looking forward to seeing your WIP on Monday