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Sunday, May 20, 2012

ReaperCon - Sunday - Day 4

Day 4 is still pretty busy, busier than most other conventions by this point. For me the day is all about getting ready for the auction and making sure that I have enough stuff to sell off to the crowd. At ReaperCon I only take ReaperBucks which you get from participating in games and taking classes. Everybody has something to buy stuff with, essentially for free. Obviously I didn't take any pictures of my self auctioning things off, maybe there are some out there but I was a little busy to do it. This is also the day that things start coming down. Its amazing how fast things can get changed back to a productive factory. Tomorrow they will be up pouring pewter again.

The new sign for the breakroom
 Frontline Games Alien Invasion game. Check out the flying saucers.

 Sunday Gaming

 ReaperBryan holding court towards the end of the show
 The aftermath, tables and chairs are rapidly heading back into storage for next year


  1. The Alien Invasion game table is really nice looking. It's almost sad to see them putting everything away and things returning to a normal workday. Have a safe trip home Kris.

    1. It was a great table and Mario Smith who owns Frontline Games is a great guy. Being at the end of a convention is very sad. Nothing but a few scrapes of paper and memories remain.

  2. Good pictures especially showing the dismantling!