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Monday, October 8, 2012

And the race is on! - Retail therapy for the painter/gamer

Seems like I have spent way to much money lately on my hobby. Its to the point where I can't seem to remember what I ordered and from whom it was ordered from. So this post is going to serve a few purposes this month. First to remind me that I do really have stuff coming and to be patient, two to not spend anymore money (this month) and third to sort of track how long things take to get to me.

So currently on order (oldest first)

15mm Sci/Fi vehicles from Khurasan Miniatures      9/17/2012 Arrived 10/22/2012
FOW Objective Markers from Baueda Wargames  9/18/2012 Arrived 10/9/2012 (had to pick them up at the post office which delayed the gratification)
Tool Drawers, Paint Racks from Back2Base.ix       10/1/2012  Arrived 10/15/2012
1/43 scale die cast van from California                    10/2/2012 Arrived 10/8/2012 (looks like an impressive delivery time except I made a mistake. The die cast van was made in Russia, the seller was in California!)
Airbrush cleaning supplies from Chicago Airbrush    10/4/2012 Arrived 10/10/2012
Car Routing System & Tools from Micro Mart        10/5/2012 Arrived 10/15/2012
15mm WWII European Buildings from 4Ground     10/6/2012 Arrived 10/24/2012
28mm Western Minis from Black Scorpion              10/7/2012 Shipped on 10/15/2012
28mm Western Buildings from Sarissa Precision       10/8/2012 Shipped on 10/15/2012
28mm Western Buildings from BattleFlag                 10/8/2012 Arrived on 10/22/2012
28mm Western Civilians from BattleFlag                  10/11/2012 Arrived on 10/26/2012
Ship Rigging tools from Micro Mart                         10/11/2012 Arrived on 10/19/2012
28mm Vikings from Wargames Foundry                  10/18/2012 Shipped on 10/19/2012
28mm Kurganova Limited Box from Raging Heroes 10/18/2012 (Pre-Order)
28mm Western Building from Aetherworks              10/25/2012 Shipped on 10/29/2012
Assembly Tools from Micro Part                             10/28/2012 Shipped on 11/1/2012
28mm Western Buildings from Gamecraft                 10/30/2012

Hopefully, I'll remember to come in and update this stuff. Sometimes writing it down in some form or another is what it takes to actually remember what the heck I'm doing. It should also insure that I don't duplicate an order.

And Sunday was somewhat productive. I have the majority of the Perry Miniature Normans finished. I just have 9 Cavalry to go and all the filing will be done. They still need to be buffed with steel wool though, at least that doesn't take as long as doesn't leave gashes in the fingers.

Reduced this stack to just three of the larger boxes.

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