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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Workroom; The Final Piece (well pieces)

Some where in here there is a post about my workroom. At that point it was pretty darn close to be finished. What was missing were the paint racks and tool drawers that I wanted. I had spent some time searching around and quite frankly as far as tool drawers or racks there is not much out there, at least that appeals to me. I looked at the racks and drawers from Back 2 Base-ix a couple of times, even put together an order and then stopped when I got to the shipping. Back 2 Base-ix is based in Australia and the shipping chargers are really high. I kept looking and kept going back so I decided to make an order even with the shipping charges.

I ordered two of the inner corner paint rack (for Vallejos and Reapers), 2 of the small tidy drawers, 1 center paint rack with two drawers and the larger version of the tidy drawers. They arrived today and I immediately went into construction mode. The word tidy keeps throwing me, I'm not sure if its normal usage in Australia or they are just using it as a descriptor. They won't be "tidy" for long when I start putting things in them.

Although I would have preferred some printed instructions, their online videos are pretty good, although I did pause frequently to catch up. I had the sequence down pat after the first couple of builds and I think I built all 6 components in about 4 hours. Pretty good time I think and I like the engineering that went into these. My only complaint is that the drawers are smaller than I thought they would be and I'm not sure they will actually hold what I want them to hold. That's on me since I didn't translate mm to inches very well. However, the small tidy drawer could stand to be a little bigger.

This is what I ordered (these are the mdf versions and there are no stock numbers)
The Rack: The Drawer Tidy (x2)
The Rack: The Bigger Drawer Tidy
The Rack: 90 degree Internal Corner
The Rack: Straight Section, large, paints (vallejo/reaper) & 2 drawer unit.

I'm still waffling if they are worth the price, mostly because of that huge shipping charge which added another $87 to the price of a $200 order. I think the paint racks are going to be fine, although the drawers in the center paint rack unit are really small and might hold my small files, they will certainly hold bits, so maybe bits drawers is what they will become. So the drawers are all smaller than I expected but the various units still take up a fair amount of space on my workbench!

Here are some pictures of the units and how they are arranged on my desk.
The 90 degree internal corner paint rack
The Small Tidy Drawer

The Large Paint Rack with drawers

The Large Tidy Drawers

How it all fits on the workbench


  1. That just looks superb - seriously jealous!

    1. Thanks! I have wanted to do something like this for a long time.

  2. Very posh!!!! Love the corner racks!

    1. Indeed! Now I can hole up for hours at a time and actually accomplish things!

  3. I'm drooling Kris. That's one really sweet set up you have. I'll talk at you in a few days!

    1. I'm really starting to enjoy having this dedicated space. I think everyone should have one. Finally a reason to own a home.

  4. WOW, this looks suberb, love the tray in the corner' love it all.... A bit jelous here'

  5. love the set up thanks for the idea ill post pics of what i decide to go with

  6. Those organisers and drawers are just grand. They fit well in your workspace. Thank you for sharing such great idea.