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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Getting a Clue - Disney's Haunted Mansion Version

As if my regular hobbies aren't eccentric enough I have spent some time accumulating some of the Clue games that are missing from my collection. I was aware of two versions of Disney's Haunted Mansion edition of Clue. The 1st edition comes in a very cool tin box and the 2nd edition comes in a box although it uses the same dimensions and artwork as the tin box. I actually prefer this style of box, its just easier to store and doesn't "crush" as easily as the more standard long boxes. So, inevitably I somehow managed to bid and win two copies of the 2nd edition without realizing it till they arrived on my doorstep. Last night I spent sometime checking things out just to make sure everything was there when I had a bit of a surprise. The 1st edition was  just as advertised with the very cool plastic ghost miniatures as well as the pewter character miniatures. The first of the two 2nd editions was what I expected as well; cardboard ghost standups and plastic character miniatures. The second 2nd edition surprised me a bit. It had the cardboard ghost standups but came with pewter character miniatures. I checked out the Art of Murder website and apparently there are a couple like this floating around out there. I suspect that whatever company Disney used to make the games had left over pewter characters and used those up before they started dipping into the plastic characters. The 2nd edition box clearly shows plastic characters in the picture on the bottom of the box. So inadvertently I managed to acquire all three variations of this edition of Clue. Sometimes fortune just smiles on you.

If you are familiar with Clue (or Cluedo) then you know that the idea of the game is to figure out which character murdered Mr Body, which weapon they used and which room it happened in. Of course in the Disney version we can't have Disney characters responsible for murder so the premise changes a bit. Here you have to determine which character is being haunted by which Ghost (ghosts replace the weapons from the original game) and which room the haunting is taking  place in.

The three Clue games I acquired over the last week or so

 Character pieces from the Tin Box (1st Edition)
Ghost pieces from the Tin Box (1st Edition)
Character pieces from the 2nd Edition (Variant)
They look identical to the 1st Edition!
 Ghost Pieces from the 2nd Edition (Variant)
Not nearly as much fun are they?
 Characters and Ghosts from the 2nd Edition Box
which is what is suppose to be in the box


  1. odd having the same figs repeated..still, they would be fun to paint up..

    1. I suppose. It doesn't surprise me since its a board game though.

  2. I like those pewter pieces and I would paint them!
    Now, do you have a second house to store all your figures, games and trains in.

    1. No, no, can't paint these! Much to precious as they are. :-)
      I don't have that much stuff...yet. Actually I have sold off most of my game collection over the years. The basement is not nearly as full as it once was. Now my friend Sheila, I think she needs a second house. Her game collection consists of over 12,000 titles. She is a serious collector.