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Monday, October 1, 2012


Sometime last night the blog went over 25,000 views. A nice figure and one I have been looking forward to getting to. There are certainly a lot of blogs out there are some of them are much, much wider read than mine, but I think hitting 25,000 views almost exactly 9 months after I started this isn’t to shabby.

It has, of course, revealed all kinds of things about the way I work. Keeping focused on one project is something of a problem for me to say the least! I am severely affected by the “Oh, Shiny” syndrome at times which means some projects get left behind. My LoTR Helmingas have been stalled for quite some time, primarily because the driving force to getting them done was a tournament that was cancelled. My WWI US Marines are still sitting at a single lonely squad (they really do need some support). But I have managed to finish off some projects; a Norman SAGA army (still for sale), and 80 or so 15mm Sci/Fi civilians and crews for next year’s foray back into Traveller. I still need to finish off my Oil Wiped Danish Cavalry, which seem to have disappeared during the workroom construction. And there’s another item that is almost finished, my workroom. It is really nice to have a dedicated space and this week I hope to sit down and really get some work done down there this week, on miniatures this time!

So I took a look at my top 10 posts for the first 25,000 views;

#10       Airbrush Class with Aaron Lovejoy
#9         Charity FOW Tournament
#8         LoTR Helmingas; First Look
#7         WWI US Marines
#6         LoTR Helmingas; The Hair Pics
#5         “Shopping” Diorama with Hasslefree Miniatures
#4         CMPA Lysette
#3         Force on Force – British Paras vs Taliban
#2         15mm ACW Union Army
#1         Genghis Con XXXIII Competition Pictures Posted

So thanks for sticking with me on all my tangents and a huge thank you to you brave 57 that are willing to follow my rants and raves on a regular basis.


  1. Hola
    Felicidades por las visitas,y son tantas por que tienes cosas muy buenas y te lo curras.
    Atentos estamos desde la cueva en España
    un saludo

    1. My Spanish is not good enough to get all of that, but I thank you!

  2. Nice one Kris, that's certainly a very wide range of subjects in your top 10!

    1. It is an interesting mix that's for sure. I'm happy as long as people are at least finding it interesting.

  3. An excellent result, well done that man.