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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

SAGA Normans - Take 2 - Perry Miniatures

Earlier this year I finally had a chance to paint up a batch of Normans for SAGA. I've always wanted to paint up some Normans and a commission (which backfired in the end) let me paint them without adding them to my collection. Since I enjoyed it so much I went ahead and ordered a Norman Army made up from the Perry Miniatures 1st Crusade Line. Intending to pay for that from my commission proceeds I went ahead and ordered what I needed from Architects of War (Awesome service by the way). Fortunately they were out of stock of just about everything (at which point they just asked for my list and made sure that it was in addition to their re-stocking order) and by the time they arrived I had the money saved up that I needed. So tonight I was able to sit down in my new workroom and start the tedious chore of getting them ready to paint. I really hate this stage of the process. I'm about a third of the way through them after tonight and I think I miss ordered some of the cavalry, it should still work out in the end though and I should be able to make up a couple of cool command stands as well. Since its a relatively small army I have decided to paint it up for the army painting competition in February at Genghis Con XXXIV. So this one is going to move along even slower than I normally go. I'll intersperse some other miniatures just to keep from getting to discouraged with them. Here are the results from tonight's work:


  1. Cleaning the figures up is a real chore, I hate it!! It's valuable painting time wasted. Are you gonna buy some shield transfers for the figures?

    1. I have yet to run across the person that enjoys cleaning them up! Of course this time I have to go the extra mile as well and buff them with steel wool to make sure I get all the scratches out. I won't be buying shield transfers for these, everything on the shields will be freehand. That's would I did on the first Norman army, practice makes perfect ya know!