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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Secret Project - Well sort of

I suppose that its not really secret if I post about it, but I have acquired the second piece for my secret project. I already have the first set of components in my hands (which can actually be seen in one of the shots of my new workspace), so phase 1 was complete a number of weeks ago. The phase 2 acquisition I was more worried about since I couldn't find anything readily available to fit the role. That meant going to plan B and finding something I could modify. I picked this up off of ebay (and it was delivered pretty darn quick) and instead of working on Norman knights like I should have been last night I immediately sat down with this. Overall I like the shape and the doors all open, although that wasn't as important it will make some things easier. I then had to try and figure out how to take it apart. Its actually pretty cleverly designed. Pulling out the front bumper releases the front edge of the bottom plate and then you pull out the two corner bumpers in the back to release the whole thing. Suddenly the it was falling into pieces! Now I just hope I can remember how to get it back together. Next steps will redoing and painting the interior, then trying to reassemble the whole thing. Following that will be extensive exterior work, I'm not sure it will be recognizable after I'm done. We will see how it goes and whether or not I have to go with a plan C on this one.

 From the Driver's side. Its a big van and seats a lot of people but I wonder where the heck the engine is!
 From the front with all the doors open, along with the rear door, already separated from its mountings.
 Passenger side with open doors
 And I already managed to break the back lift gate. No problem it had to come off anyway.
And now its in pieces! Time for the interior conversion to begin.