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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Calamity - Failed paint attempt part II

A request for pictures has been received so I figured I could post a few. First the odd booth they are being photographed in is my airbrush booth and they are sitting on a modified lazy susan so I can turn the miniature or building without touching it. They are in there because I took these shots just before I primed them white. These pictures will, hopefully, be the only evidence of this first painting attempt.

First the silverstain does work on the Knuckleduster buildings because they are plywood. This is just a single application of the stain. You can make it darker by adding more coats. Since I want everything to have the same "feel" all the buildings need to be painted with the same technique otherwise they won't blend in together and you will get a "glitch" in the scene. So the Knuckleduster buildings will be getting primed white as well.

The silverstain sort of works on the Battle Flag and Gamecraft buildings but I think it would take a whole bottle of the stuff on each building to make it work. There are two coats on these buildings, and it basically just soaked all the way through the walls without really staining them. It made them darker but I didn't get the effect I wanted.

I primed four buildings white last night, so Plan B will hopefully be executed shortly.

Here are the shots of what I consider "failed":
The silverstain just seemed to make it darker, it really soaked it up.

there are areas that now appear darker than the original color
but overall not close to what I want. You can see some of the
stain coming through on the backside of the front and side

You can see some of the stain leaking through in this shot
a lot better. I suppose it would work in the end but it would
take a whole bottle per building I think.

You can get a better idea of how it should look on regular
wood. I could have continued to enhance the effect with
additional coats of the silverstain.

And from the front. The really dark areas are just shadows
caused by the position of the light in the airbrush booth.


  1. You're right I can see that these didn't come out the way you want them to look. It will be interesting to see the difference when you try the new technique you're developing.

    1. Well its a new technique for me but its another model railroad technique, I just haven't used it before. Hopefully I'll have time to get to it this weekend.