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Monday, December 10, 2012

Genghis Con XXXIV Painting Conference & Competition

Well its official, the DGA has opened up registration for Genghis Con XXXIV http://www.denvergamers.org

The CMPA will be handling the painting conference and competition portion of the show. Our sculpting guest of honor this year is Jason Weibe! Jason will be teaching classes and should be generally available to answer questions throughout the course of the show. 

Here are the rules, the entry categories, as well as information about trophies, and other awards (including one to be given out by Jason).

Competition Rules & Regulations:
1) Entries must be received by 3:00 pm on Saturday.
2) Entries must be made in-person by the painter, and be the work of the painter. Any entry painted by anyone other than the entrant will be disqualified.
3) No more than 3 entries per painter per category.
4) You cannot enter winning models from other contests or competitions.
5) You cannot enter painted models published prior to this CMPA competition in any professional print media, i.e. manufacturer magazines or gaming material.
6) Entries must be finished, including bases, within size restrictions as noted separately.
7) All competitors are responsible for the transport of their models to and from the competition and for storing their own transport and packing materials
8) Management determines final category placement of all entries and can change that placement before or during judging.
9) Entry registration includes permission for the CMPA, sponsoring manufacturers and the DGA to photograph entries and show them in all public media both online and print.
10) DGA and CMPA staff and volunteers cannot be held responsible for damaged or lost miniatures.
11) All decisions of the judges and management are final.
12) Entries and Prizes must be picked up by 3:00 pm Sunday at Genghis Con, or the entrant will pay shipping and handling for their entries and prizes to be mailed to them. If we receive no replies to our attempts to contact you by phone or email by March 31st, prizes will be forfeit and entries still in our possession will be auctioned off at a future convention.
13) Disqualified entries forfeit all prizes, titles, and awards. The painter is barred from entry in future CMPA competitions. Awards are given to the next winning entry. Information that may result in disqualification should be brought to the attention of the CMPA immediately.

Entry Restrictions:
The height measurement includes the miniature(s) only, not bases, movement trays, or display stands.  The maximum dimensions for an entry is defined by the category that it is placed in.

Judging Criteria:
Judging Criteria for all categories is given in order of general precedence. When determining the placements among close entries, each category has a Primary Criteria. Judges, Competition Administration and Volunteers are dedicated to conscientious judging.

Technical Quality: – The technical proficiency used in the painting and modeling of the entry. Obvious technical faults are mold lines, sloppy joins, rough primer, or sloppy paint.

Artistic Quality: –The artistic effects of the piece, including color choices, added detail work, pose, basing, and the overall effectiveness of the artistic choices made.

Unit Cohesion: –The unifying theme showing these miniatures belong together. This can be done, through effective use of uniforms, insignia, basing of the miniatures, including unifying display base for adventure groups.

Story: – How well the miniatures and the composition present a clear and enticing story to the viewer. This is the emphasized for the Diorama Category; however, it is looked for in most entries.

The top 3 from each category will receive an award: trophy for 1st place and ribbons for 2nd and 3rd place.

The Best In Show winner will receive the coveted Best in Show trophy and free round trip airfare to Chicago to attend Adepticon (April 18 – 21, 2013) and may compete in the Crystal Brush competition. For more information on Crystal Brush competition, visit: http://www.crystalbrush.com/about

The Runner Up of Best in Show will receive a $75 gift certificate to Cool Mini Or Not.

2nd Runner Up of Best In Show will receive $25 voucher to Cool Mini Or Not.

The Wiebewocky Award, sponsored by Reaper Miniatures.  Special guest judge Jason Wiebe will be awarding an autographed copy of his legendary Wiebewocky to his favorite entry in the competition.

The Best of Darksword Miniatures entry will receive a trophy and $200 gift certificate from Darksword, all entries wishing to compete for this prize must be entered in the Masterclass category to be eligible for this award.

Hangar 18 Miniatures will award a $100 gift certificate to the best painted miniature from any of the miniature lines they carry: Kabuki Models, Infamy Miniatures, Guild of Harmony, Ax Faction, Ares Mythologic, Draconia, ST Models and Miniature Factory. Check their website for the full list of miniature lines they carry athttp://www.hangar18minis.com

Category Information:

Single Miniature Small
40mm or smaller miniatures, this category includes animal or vehicle mounted miniatures, such as a knight on a horse or a trooper on a motorcycle, which fall within the size restriction. This includes base, mount, and appendages. A competition judge will rule on any bits, such as a pole, extending beyond the size restriction, at time of entry.

Size Restriction: 3”x3”x4” (length, width, height).
Primary Criteria: Technical Quality, Artistic Quality

Single Miniature Large
Larger than 40mm, this category includes busts and animal or vehicle mounted miniatures, such as a knight on a horse, which fall within the size restriction. This includes base, mount and appendages. The size restriction is somewhat looser for larger scale miniatures, the base should be a reasonable size based on the size and scale of the miniature.

Size Restriction: 12x12x15 inches (length, width, height)
Primary Criteria: Technical Quality, Artistic Quality

Models in military ranks or groups that constitute a unit, squad, or team of individuals, or adventure group. Units must include unifying base, board, or movement tray to allow moving miniatures within the case and for judging. Units without such a base are not allowed.
Note: Unifying Base/Movement Trays will be considered during judging as part of the Unit Cohesion, though an entry will not be downgraded solely based on an obvious attempt to satisfy this rule and is not part of the intended entry. Only basing of the miniatures themselves will then be considered for this portion of the judging criteria.

Size Restriction: Measurement/size max of 10x10x10 inches (length, width, height)
Primary Judging Criteria: Technical Quality, Unit Cohesion, Artistic Style

Vehicles and Ordnance
All vehicles and machines with or without crew. This includes all tanks, motorcycles, ships, siege engines, all weaponry that contains or is run by one or more crew miniatures. Multiple freestanding miniatures (as in crew) must include unifying base, board, or movement tray. The crews are judged based on their cohesiveness with the vehicle or weapon.  The focus of the judging will be on the vehicle or weapon and not on the crew.

Size Restriction: 12x12x12 inches. (length, width, height)
Primary Judging Criteria: Technical Quality, Artistic Quality

Emphasis is on the display as a focused scene telling a story with miniatures.
This may include battle scenes or other dioramic displays. Must be on a unified base, miniatures do not need to be permanently attached to the base, but judges will take into account the technical aspect of the miniatures as presented with the base.

Size Restriction: 12x12x12 inches. (length, width, height)
If you have a larger entry and would like to make special accommodations please contact Lili Troy before Genghis Con
Primary Judging Criteria: Story, Technical Quality, Artistic Quality

Masterclass Single Miniature
This category includes miniatures of all sizes as well as busts. It is open to anyone, however, the judging will be much more stringent as it is primarily intended for previous Best of Show winners from previous Genghis Cons, Tacticons as well as other conventions. Size restrictions are variable and based on the size of the miniature being entered.

Size Restriction:
40mm and smaller miniatures 3x3x4 inches (length, width, height)
Larger than 40mm (including busts regardless of size) 12x12x15 inches ((length, width, height)
If you have a larger entry and would like to make special accommodations please contact Lili Troy before Genghis Con
Primary Judging Criteria: Technical Quality, Artistic Quality

Painting Contest Timetable:
Receiving entries
Friday 9:00 AM – Saturday 3:00 pm
Entry deadline
Saturday 3:00 pm
First cut judging
Saturday 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm
First cut result display
Saturday 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Final judging
Saturday 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm
Award Ceremony
Saturday 8:00 pm
Entry pick up
Sunday 9:00 am – 3:00 pm 

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