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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Review - Gamecraft Miniatures - 28mm Western Building 28MWEST001

Here is the second Gamecraft Miniatures kit that I built last week, this morning is the first chance I have had to edit the construction photos a bit. Overall this kit goes together much the same as the single story building. I did purchase two floors for this one. I'll get into my trials and tribulations later about the second floor but with a little forethought (I know big word, I had to look it up) I managed getting the second floor in without to much trouble.

I'm still handing out a 0 out of 5 for a complete lack on instructions. I do realize that these kits are pretty dead simple but a guide for the novice would be helpful. Especially if you are trying to put in the second floor since its an optional piece.

Quality of the components gets a solid 5 out of 5. Everything fits and the detail is good. Again this building has mine own issues with the side doors being right at ground level, while the front door is raised up for the front sidewalk. The other issue being that the floors could have been detailed out with some wood planks.

Its a good solid building, looks good with the rest of my buildings and overall I'm quite happy with it. I'll definitely be adding some more Gamecraft buildings to Calamity, they have a nice variety of different false fronts that I like. Allen also makes some nice add on packs, like interior and exterior stairs, outhouses, signs, fences and, maybe best of all, a spare parts pack!

Since I need to up my word count this morning I'll add some photos. Photos are worth a 1000 words they say!
Another bag of parts

The bag from the other side

The pieces all laid out. I'm committed to the build at this point.

Adding windows to the back.

Adding windows and doors to the front

Adding the back piece to the front.

Adding doors and windows to the side
This next picture is the key to getting the second floor in. Initially I wanted to use the handy little second floor template that Battle Flag included with the Photographer's Studio building. When I compare the two though I could see that it wasn't going to work, it would have set the floor right at the bottom of the windows. The Battle Flag kit definitely has taller ceilings! Using a Black Scorpion miniature mounted on its normal base I measured the line you see below. They way the walls are laid out I was able to dry assemble the walls to lay side by side so I was able to draw my line with across all the walls at once. I then took some scrape from the sprues and glued it just under that line. So the second floor is level and there is still room for miniatures on both floors. I also cut a spot for a staircase opening on the second floor. This also serves as a convenient handhold to take out the second floor. I must admit at this point that I like the way the Knuckleduster buildings let you just take off the upper floor and leave the miniatures in place. 
Forethought! Marking the second floor line before gluing!

Building the porch roof

Gluing up the roof

Roof from the other side.

Gluing up the walls

Still gluing up the walls

1st floor is in place. Supports for 2nd floor are in.

Finished from the front, no porch

Finished from the back
Scale. Battle Flag (left) & Black Scorpion (right)
Scale with the porch added

Side by side with Knuckleduster

And against the other Gamecraft building

Gamecraft and Battle Flag

Gamecraft and Battle Flag Part 2

Gamecraft and Aetherworks


  1. These buildings do look good when completed. But you're right about the instructions, someone like myself would be SOL. Paint those figures Kris!!

    1. I'm enjoying this little project. I picked up the paints I needed to get the basic wood painted today. I did actually start working on the eight townsfolk from Battle Flag today and I got some of the Black Scorpion miniatures primed as well. I was almost done with the skin and then messed up so I set them aside to think about. I don't think I will strip them some glazes should do the trick I think.