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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Run Out the Guns Kickstarter - Un-boxing the Sloop Slaughter

There was a package waiting at home today. This was the Sloop Slaughter shipment from Laser Dream Works for their Run out the Guns Kickstarter. That changed all the plans for the evening! I spent a hermit like evening in my basement workroom building up the simplest of the three kits; the American Gunboat. However, I'm not going to show off that build right now, instead I'll show you the un-boxing of the kits. I need some more time to put my thoughts in order on the build and hopefully make it a little easier on the next guy.

And now the un-boxing of the Sloop Slaughter:

The box, I'll be keeping this one to hold the kits.

My Kickstarter T-Shirt and a Thank You note.
The American Gunboat, it only has one sheet of parts.

Under that the instructions for the USS WASP

USS WASP, part sheet A (I'm already in trouble)

USS WASP, part sheet B (Serious Trouble)

USS WASP, Foam hull, Bundle of Sticks (Masts and Spars)
and Bag-O Guns.

HMS Frolic, Instructions

HMS Frolic, part sheet A (Perhaps a ship to many)

HMS Frolic, part sheet B (I have definitely lost my mind
thinking that two ships was a good idea)

HMS Frolic, Hull, Masts, Spars and Guns (Thank goodness for guns,
I know I can manage those).
Oh and they provided some sandpaper for both ships to shape the foam hulls! I'll work writing the post on the build for the American Gunboat before I go to New York later this week.


  1. I'm looking forward to seeing these go together, but...

    Better you than me brother.

  2. These are the best times aren't they. When the post runs and there's something to build and paint inside. Looking forward to seeing how these paint up.

    1. That's definitely the best time. Its frustrating though when you know something should be arriving and it doesn't appear.