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Friday, April 12, 2013

Nova Rus "Bear" 4x4 Jeep Scale Shots

I had A post on TMP requesting some pictures with a 28mm miniature next to this jeep. I don't really have a lot of Sci/Fi miniatures so I had to scrounge a bit. I found a Hasslefree mini that has not being used on the diorama, a Studio McVey limited edition Sedition Wars resin mini and a Kabuki pin up piece. Perhaps not the most useful of scale shots but its the best I can do right now. The Kabuki piece is the tallest, the Hasslefree and the Studio McVey piece are about the same size (the Hasslefree one looks taller because of the base).

From Hasslefree we have the lovely McKenzie showing off with her rugged ride.  (HFA049 McKenzie)

This resistance fighter from McVey really looks like she and this vehicle go together. I know this is a limited edition resin sedition wars mini but I don't see it on their site anymore.

And the Bug Hunter from Kabuki Miniatures


  1. Very nice vehicle and figures!

  2. Looks good with all of them.

    1. I which I had a larger variety but I think it shows that the vehicle is basically scale less and just about anything is going to look "right" with it.