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Thursday, April 18, 2013

ReaperCon 2013 Thursday Day 1

I didn't suffer to much from the long travel day on Wednesday. What I did miss is getting the chance to take some setup photos. Today I mostly helped out in the painting competition room. Figured out the software, helped take some entries and take some pictures. Reaper is currently streaming the pictures of the contest entries here: Painting Competition Entries. Go ahead and take a look and see what's been entered so far.

I mostly spent today catching up with folks. I worked on my painting entry but I'm not entirely happy with the third figure so its probably not going in as a diorama this year. Fortunately I sort of planned for the possibility so I will still have an entry. I'll get it up tomorrow but probably much later in the day.

Easier to describe the convention with pictures so here you go.

The "shed" that was in front has been moved to the side over by the loading dock.

The original building front is mostly hidden by the new building, the shorter structure on the right.

The new building is serving as the entrance to the con. They lost a lot of parking places and three cars were almost towed away today and its only Thursday!
The entrance to the Dark Carnival

The traditional Convention Sohpie Banner

The Registration "Tent"
The Big Top. Open Painting along with Painters and Sculptors are located here.

The front breakroom

A view from the back looking towards the front.
Sonic onsite and getting ready

The line is already forming

The original Dungeon Crawl, ready to go

The Dark Carnival Dungeon Crawl

The Alice in Wonderland Dungeon Crawl. All the Dungeon Crawls use a modified version of the Warlord Rules and run about an hour. Participants earn Reaperbucks for the auction on Sunday.
Painting Competition room, a few entries had already rolled in. That's Kit in the middle discussing the software.

Contents of the swag bag

A little closer look

The lounge. I have no idea what that's for but it looks cool

Vampire boxes on the mezzanine level in the back. The metal molds are underneath, the metal boneyard is to the left (all the little yellow boxes).
Miniature Building Authority, right next to the lounge.

Frontline Games, this is where the shipping area and where we used to run the Dungeon Crawls

Bryan and Ron

Matt Clark making annoucements

Anne's painter and sculptor schedule. Notice she doesn't bother to schedule anything during or after my auction. I really do shut the show down.
Tomorrow should be busier. I expect to see a lot of people bringing in their entries for the competition and a ton more people there for classes and games. So more pictures tomorrow night but not till after the the painting competition judging is finished!


  1. I checked out the entries for the painting contest-some really neat a varied things so far. I like the Kissing Booth for it's sense of play and creativity.

    Looking forward to seeing your entry posted. Get some sleep Kris!

    1. The traditional response would be "You didn't come to sleep, play some games!". Except I'm older now and its embarrassing to nod off during a conversation.

      On to the next!

  2. Looks like a blast! Tell them to ship my Vampire awards!!!!