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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Nova Rus "Bear" 4x4 Jeep WIP pt 2

I wanted this to be the final post on this piece but there have definitely been some delays. Like water in the basement, still trying to figure that out right now. It is close to be finished though. I need to finish attaching all the pieces and a little more aging, then I can do the final weathering. I'm very pleased with the way things have been coming along. It looks like a rugged, hard working vehicle that has certainly seen some better days. I'm particularly pleased with the fading and weathering of the military symbols on the fenders.
Tires and the back doors

The top and one rear door. 
From the front with the top down.

From the back with the top down.
From the front, top up, ready for final weathering

From the back, top up, ready for final weathering
Passenger side, with a few stray pieces hanging around.

Driver's side

From the back, top up, before rusting.
From the back with the fenders almost where they should be and the rear doors resting in place. The doors were originally part of the top. I cut them, when I'm finished they will be open.


  1. I love the weathering, especially the tires. So few people get tires to look properly dirty. Well done buddy!

    1. I'm pretty please with the tires too! Now I just need to get some of that dust up on the jeep and I can call it done.