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Saturday, April 20, 2013

ReaperCon 2013 Friday Day 2

A very busy day for me working in the contest room. There were definitely more people arriving all day long and painting entries trickled in as well. The line for registration was spilling out into the parking lot, the very small parking lot. I didn't hear any issues with parked cars this time so that was good. There is a lot more buzz, people are taking classes and playing games. There is a little bit of grumbling about the games being held in the hotel but space is becoming an issue. They had a nice display of the Kickstarter Bones right in the pre-registration area. Pictures from today are centered mostly in the contest room, I'm feeling a little isolated up here. The conversations have been good though and I have met a lot of new people.  A few pictures from today, including some BONES shot.

The Kickstarter Bones on display

Derek and Colin, CMPA members

A display in the painting contest room

Early in the day in the contest room. Starting to fill up.

And from the other side

Another one of the diplays, complete with documentation!

Dark Carnival game at the Frontline Games booth

A closer look

A Lego vendor!

Miniature Building Authority puts in an appearence

Their middle east line

Their medieval line

Saturday has a lot of interesting things going on. We will finish up the painting contest judging and hand out the awards that night.


  1. I would love to be in the same room as all those painted mini's. It must be hard for you guys to pick the best of the best amongst so many talented painters.

    Thanks again for the update. Keep them coming!

    1. Judging is tough. Fortunately I don't have to judge them all! We have three man teams and divide up the room to cover all the entries. We had 289 individual entries this year, that's a bunch!

  2. Great stuff! If that one table ever wants to get rid of that Dark Carnival set I can give them my address! I would love to play some games on that table!

    1. I talked to Tim about the table, he's thinking about it.