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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

ReaperCon Painting Competition - A few of my favorites

I'm still sorting my way through a bunch of pictures for the last day of Reapercon and for the few extra days I was there. In the mean time I thought I would share some of my favorite entries from the painting competition. There really was some fabulous work at the show so these are mostly ones that just caught my eye during the judging that I wanted to go back to when I wasn't under the pressure of getting the scores in to be tabulated.

An Amazon, I think this is an 80mm piece. Glen painted this piece, I spent the whole weekend talking to him and now I can't remember his last name. I really like his work.

The Amazon from the front

A Cleric from Reaper's Pathfinder line painted by Glen

The Pizza of Doom, a modified Reaper piece painted by Glen

One of the Andrea Pinup pieces painted by Glen
Biker Sophie. I think this was the ReaperCon 2010 Sophie. Just a really interesting concept. The motorcycle is gorgeous, I'm not sure  I'm all that fond of the split color on Sophie but it is eye catching. This one was painted by Jeremiah, and again I'm missing his last name.

The Cornfield. This is the work of Doug Cohen. The miniatures are 54mm and are all sculpted and painted by Doug.

A Dark Sword miniature by Doug Cohen. I love the contrast between the various leathers that she is wearing, but her face came out much to harsh.

Another Dark Sword miniature by Doug Cohen

The third and final Dark Sword miniature by Doug Cohen

Bad Day on the Water. Another Doug Cohen piece. The sailor is another 54mm sculpt, the shark is a  Reaper miniature.
A Reaper 54mm Master Series piece by Michael Proctor

One of Reaper's Pirates painted by Jen Kaufman. Her striping is exquisite.

Rastl World Mini - Lysette painted by Lyn Stahl

Rastl World Louie - Painted by Lyn Stahl

A Gold Medal winner by Aaron Lovejoy. I'm not sure which company makes this piece.
Again I'm not sure of the manufacturer, although I do know its very old. A Pre-Raphilite Knight painted by Jessica Rich. This piece has to be seen to be believed. From a distance the green just looks like muddy olive, you have to get in close to see all the free hand embroidery that she did. Simply amazing! It did win a well deserved Best of Show.

There are pictures of all the entries on the Reaper website, although that doesn't list the medals or category winners yet. Reaper 2013 Painting Contest Entries


  1. Hola
    Toda la pinta de un buen concurso,con grandes piezas
    un saludo

  2. Great pictures especially the ACW one and the last one of the knight....epic!