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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Reaper Greens for ReaperCon; Sophie and the Convention Mini

I know that title sounds a bit odd. Traditionally there is always a limited edition Sophie miniature created for each ReaperCon. The ReaperCon Sophie is available to those attending the show but she is also available to those that don't attend. So if you want the ReaperCon Sophie she is available through Reaper's online sales portal for the duration of the show (that's April 18-21st for this year so get ready). Depending on how many are produced sometimes additional leftovers are sold directly to stores as well. Occasionally these ReaperCon Sophies are recast, The first time was for the fifth anniversary of the convention and the box contained the first five ReaperCon Sophies, including the first one which had the smallest production run. All of the ReaperCon Sophies (through 2012) were recast for the Liche level reward in their Bones Kickstarter. This also ended up including, accidentally, the Convention Sophie (bottom row, center in the picture).
The Con Sophie ended up in this box because someone grabbed her instead of the 2009 Artist Sophie. The Con Sophie and Biker Sophie should be swapped as Biker Sophie was for ReaperCon 2010. Since the picture was in error Reaper decided to go ahead and include the 2009 Con Sophie and the 2009 Artist Sophie in the box.

And now you are asking "what's the difference between a ReaperCon Sophie and a Convention Sophie?". There difference comes from how you can purchase them. ReaperCon Sophies are only available during ReaperCon but online sales are allowed, so anybody can get a ReaperCon Sophie while the convention is going on. The Convention Miniature is a different animal entirely, it is only available to be people that actually attend a convention that Reaper is present at (I'm not sure if that includes PAX or not). So it can only be purchased in person from Reaper. The first rendition of this happened to be not one but two versions of Sophie. The first is the more standard family friendly clothed version (the one included in the Liche Level box set) and the second is the infamous UL or Urban Legend version. The Urban Legend versions are, basically, Sophie naked, or for that matter any Reaper Miniature where the normal version is clothed and a second "naked" version is also created. There are currently three Urban Legend miniatures in the Reaper Line, all of these are larger scale minis (54mm+).

The theme for this year's ReaperCon is the Dark Carnival, naturally Sophie is the Ringmaster (Ringmistress?). Here is the green, sculpted by Derek Schubert. I imagine that a painted version will follow quite quickly from Derek.
Sculpted by Derek Schubert for ReaperCon 2013

The convention mini is one of the now famous (infamous perhaps?) Mouslings sculpted by Gene Van Horne. Gene didn't sculpt this one with greenstuff, but even though its grey we still call it a green. I don't think I want to get on the wrong side of this mousling!
Sculpted by Gene Van Horne, 2013 Convention Mini

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