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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Trenchworx Kickstarter - WWI Resin Tanks in 28mm (1/56th Scale)

I have become a lot more picky about the Kickstarters that I participate in. Trenchworx recently became an advertiser on TMP and when I went to their site from TMP I saw that they had just started a Kickstarter for WWI Resin tanks. They are showing unpainted production models and painted prototypes. Since I need a number of FT-17s for my USMC force I decided to jump in. I managed to snag one of the early birds for these and will get 3 of these for $66. I think that's a fair price. There will also be additional turrets available for these as well so I will be able to field either the gun version or the mg version if I want to. If you are in need of French FT-17s, British MK V (male or female) or German A7Vs then this one is worth checking out: Trenchworx Kickstarter


  1. These are some nice looking models and should be a joy to paint.

    I've done my two per year limit on Kickstarter. But let me tell you, it takes nerves of steel to stick with that limit.

    1. I'm up to four this year with this one. One of those is the hardback edition of the Girl Genius comic and I think that's going to be annual thing from now on. This is the first one this year that's more or less an unknown quantity. The other three I have either delivered before or are friends (the Bawidaman Pinup minis are being produced by friends of mine). The only other one that's calling out to me right now is the next set of Stonehaven dwarves I think that one starts next month.
      I'm definitely looking forward to getting these tanks though!