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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Another USMC WWI Wednesday - Finishing 3rd Platoon

I know this has gotten strung out a bit so I finished up the 3rd Platoon tonight. Tonight's work consisted of catching some of those little details that sometimes get forgotten at the end like buttons and buckles and the hoses for the respirators. This kind of work just seems to take forever! But I finished the details up and then applied the grass tufts to the bases. After that little step I dismounted them from the bottle caps (and immediately mounted 4th Platoon on those caps). I grabbed 1st and 2nd Platoon and got everything ready for a quick flat coat. When I sealed 1st Platoon, over a year ago, they came out a bit shiny. Since I was going to be sealing I grabbed them, dusted them off and put them in the lineup. So now I have 48 finished Marines all sealed and ready to go. Once 4th Platoon is finished I'll move on to the support weapons.

Here's tonight's work:
Here you can see the instant water after its dried. Has a really nice "wet" look to it.

3rd Platoon all "tufted" up

A Bomber

Rifle Grenadier

Rifle Grenadier


Rifleman, will get some NCO stripes later


Sho-Sho Ammo Carrier (for the French Chauchat Automatic Rifle)

Sho-Sho Gunner (This is the Brigade Games version. Its grossly out of proportion, the The Great War Miniatures version is much better)

4th Platoon, mounted up and ready for some paint.

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