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Monday, September 8, 2014

USMC WWI Monday Work

Didn't make nearly as much progress tonight as I wanted to. The Marines I finished painting yesterday have the first part of the basing completed and that has to harden before I can continue with it. However, I discovered that I was out of super glue when I went to put a new base to replace one that had gone missing somewhere along the line. That meant that I couldn't mount the 3rd and 4th platoons on their bases either although I was able to go ahead and prime them with the airbrush. I really like the Vallejo airbrush primer. I'm using their light grey for the Marines. So that's about it for tonight. I'll stop and pick up some glue on the way home tomorrow and hopefully make some more progress.

I found two more packs of US Doughboys that will have to masquerade as Marines, Oh and 1 75mm artillery piece.

2nd Platoon with the first coat of texture applied to the base.

3rd platoon waiting for their bases. Well, I found the bases but no glue.

3rd and 4th Platoons in the booth to be primed.

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