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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Calamity Gets a New RR Station - Part 10

The RR Station has been sitting off to the side of my work area for just over a month now with now progress, although it has served as a handy spot to set my decals on. If this was just a model for one of my train layouts (yes, plural) that would be one thing, but its a gaming piece and not even just a gaming piece but one of my "Hero" buildings. As such I need to be able to get to access the inside which means being able to get to both the first and second stories. With a regular structure this wouldn't be terribly difficult but the roof on this one is also a little complicated. I sat at my desk contemplating the second story and figured that I could at least start laying out where the interior walls could go.  As I contemplated this I realized that the whole second story could turn out to be rather flimsy so how could I fix that?

I decided that I would at least make some rafters and see if that would help the though process. I made these while watching Zulu (again!). Then I decided I could, at least, cut the interior walls for the two many rooms and see how that might fit together. Once I had the walls cut and kind of stacked everything together ideas finally started coming. I think that to add strength I'm going to only have half the roof come off. So I think I'm going to take the rafters and cut them roughly in half and permanently glue the bottom half to the interior walls and bottom edge of the floor. So far the clearances seem to indicate that it will work. There will probably only be a couple of the complete rafters included as fingers and minis need to be able to fit inside the building. Hopefully, this will get the process jump started again and I can get this building finished and off the workbench.

I have a couple of pictures from last night and since pictures are like bacon I figured I would include them.

The dilemma; There are no side walls, only roofs.

Well I need some rafters, here's one way to make sure the angles are good and add a bit of trim to the gable which helps finish it off.

Let's reinforce it so I can mess around with it a bit

I'm thinking so I think I make some more. They should be useful for something.

Well, I know I need some short interior walls.

And finally at work today, I may have figured it out. All except how to actually make that complex part where the two roofs come together.

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