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Friday, September 26, 2014

Kickstarter Loot! Bombshell Miniatures Counterblast

Another Kickstarter finally delivered, although to be fair they were only a month late which is practically on time in Kickstarter terms. They were held up by the plastic dome helmets that were produced in China, anybody that didn't have helmets in the order were probably delivered on time. 

Great minis and I have been eagerly waiting this bunch. I included one of the original miniatures from the line, Sally Starfield. She is one of the miniatures I have picked out for the competition at ReaperCon in April 2015. I wanted to start on a non-Reaper miniature for this just to kind of work up my skills. I have set some pretty lofty goals for the competition this time around.

Mostly I'm just looking forward to painting these.

Package in the mailbox!

Is there really anything in here?

Science Officer Helen Salinger

Lancer Sniper

Skip Westmoreland and Sally Starfield

Clear Domed helmets right out of pulp science fiction plus helmet rings

The Lancer Faction

Sweet stuff to paint!

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