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Sunday, September 14, 2014

USMC WWI Weekend Work

Painting started on Saturday at our regular CMPA painting workshop. We were meeting at Grey Matter Games, but the store is closing so we have to find a new home, again. We have a couple of possibilities but finding room on a Saturday is kind of tough.

During that session I managed to finish the shirts and made good progress on the belts. Belts are just tedious. Doug brought me a sheet of neutral gray paper so I'm trying that out to see if it helps improve my photographic efforts.

The shirts are a little rough, I think I'll go back in with a glaze and see if I can smooth them out

After some chores and a little football (YWoohoo! The Packers pulled out a win!) I went back down to the workroom to do some more work on 3rd Platoon.
They are getting down to the finish. I have hair, weapons and helmets to do then its on to basing.

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