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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Another USMC WWI Tuesday

After taking a break on Monday I hit the paint palette again. I finished painting 3rd platoon tonight, I was down to helmets, weapons and anything misc that I had missed previously. There are always something that I seem to miss. Once the basic mini was finished I went ahead and moved on to basing. Tonight I got the paint on the bases and applied the Woodland Scenics Instant Water. Once that was applied I set them aside to dry. The water takes about 24 hours although at high altitude it usually doesn't take that long. I'll touch up the bases tomorrow and apply some grass tufts and 3rd Platoon will be done. I spent a little time making sure that the bases for 4th platoon were clean, I found some flash around the edges so I figured it was a good time to take care of that.

So a few pictures from tonight's work:
All the paint work is complete on 3rd platoon.

A few close ups. I can see a couple of things I need to go back and fix.

The bases are painted and the instant water has been applied

Some more closeups. Its hard to see the water in the pictures though, but its on most of the bases.

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