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Friday, June 19, 2015

A Package From Spain, Ammo of Mig Jimenez

I needed to do something a little different so I was thinking about starting in on my US Army force for FOW, not that I actually play FOW but all those vehicles will certainly work for other WWII games. I'm leaning towards playing Command Decision, and Spearhead again with these.

But, I decided I wanted to go a few extra steps beyond my regular table top work and I knew that Mig Jimenez had started up yet another company. I thought I would go ahead and try out these products and see if they were really different from those produced by his prior companies; MiG and AK Interactive.

I should have paid a bit more attention when I was ordering though and I have a couple of duplicates because I was buying sets and then didn't double check to see what was in each one.

I started off with their combo offer which features one of their books and a paint set that is geared towards that book. In this case I picked up the "Modulation Book" along with the Olive Drab Modulation set. I have tried this technique a couple of times without much success. I was hoping that this book my really show me what I was doing wrong.

The second book was "Painting Wargame Tanks" along with the US Armor Set. I was curious to see what kind of advanced techniques they would try and show off in this book. I'm looking forward to reading it.

I picked up some other miscellaneous items to go along with these and that's where I managed to double up on some items. The Europe Earth Set is a set of three pigments, the Fury Sherman set that contains paint, pigments and washes, a bottle of streaking grime and a bottle of wash for green tanks (duplicate there, its in the Fury set).

So I'm looking forward to some reading and trying out some new techniques.

Then there is the story of the package and how it arrived, best said in pictures. 

So my package arriving in a white nylon bag had me concerned about what USPS might have done to it.

They certainly have it cinched up tight

Well the box is a bit beat up but certainly in much better condition then I was anticipating. I had images of it broken up, spilled paint and ruined books.

And there is my least favorite stuffing material, at least they were the anti-static kind.

There we go paints and books, looking in good shape.


  1. I just started using the Europe Dry Mud. Love it.

    1. Nothing like some new pigments to play around with.

  2. I just about want to start painting tanks just so I can buy some of that stuff. Looks like some fun product and techniques to play with. Looking forward to seeing how it all turns out.

    1. And there are so many choices for tanks from WWI to the far future. I bet you could find some stuff that would appeal to you out there. I broke out the first set of tanks that I'm going to try this stuff out on. Took some time to find it though!

  3. I'm going to want some of this myself. I have a couple 1/35 accessories from Mig and they are top-notch.

    Have any of you looked at 'Fireball Forward' for this scale gaming? I hear some good things but haven't had a cjance to look it over.

    1. I have read through the Fireball Forward rules and they are intriguing. I would like to give them a try. They should work just fine at this scale too.

    2. Cool, thanx Kris. I'm not thrilled with FoW as far as rules, I think I'll pick up F.F. then. :)

  4. OOOOOO a lovely parcel of hobby goodness! Some nice weathering and basing materials they'll be fun to play with.

  5. I'll have to decide whether I'm going to base my tanks or not. If I do they will be on thin steel plates.